Assistant Editors

FutureForward (the biannual journal of Integrative Teaching International) is seeking assistant editors for its upcoming and future issues.   Assistant editors will work closely with the Associate Editor, Editor-in-Chief, and teams of writers or single authors in the production of scholarly articles.  Essays or reports are usually submitted to FutureForward in draft format and must then be revised/edited to meet the journal’s stylistic standards, as well as its critical/scholarly objectives.  All assistant editors must have previously attended ThinkTank so that they are aware of Integrative Teaching International’s mission and goals. 


Applicants should contact Lucy Curzon, Editor-in-Chief, with a CV and a brief written description of your experience in the area of scholarly publication and/or writing (e.g. past projects, articles, catalogue essays, editorial experience, etc.).  Please send this information to

Associate Editor

 FutureForward (the biannual journal of Integrative Teaching International) is seeking an associate editor.  The Associate Editor will work closely with the Editor-in-Chief and assistant editors to produce each issue of FutureForward.  Duties of the Associate Editor will include (but are not limited to): 

  • Work closely with the Editor-in-Chief and ITI Board to make executive-level decisions regarding the scope and mission of FutureForward
  • Solicit articles for publication in FutureForward
  • Work with assistant editors to oversee the review and revision of articles submitted to FutureForward for publication and with Editor-in-Chief to finalize articles for publication
  • Actively publicize FutureForward through professional networking or other outlets (including print and social media)
  • Coordinate with designer to maintain visual identity of FutureForward

Requirements for the position include participation in at least one ThinkTank, familiarity with the content and mission of FutureForward (see, demonstrable and quality experience with scholarly writing (either as an editor or author), reliability, collegiality, and professionalism.

It is understood that after successful term(s) as Associate Editor, the holder of this position – pending board approval – will become Editor-in-Chief of FutureForward.

Please send a CV, writing sample, and cover letter to Lucy Curzon, Editor-in-Chief (