What is ThinkTank?

ThinkTank is a yearly event that includes a facilitated discussion and intensive workshop forum that is designed to improve teaching at the college level. We bring together emerging educators, master educators, and administrators from around the country to expand the theory and improve the practice of teaching art in the 21st century.

Preseneted in two stages, stage 1 focuses on theory, educational philosophy and policy, and is dominated by “master educators”—folks with seven to thirty years of experience. Stage 2 focuses on practical applications and is dominated by “emerging educators and administrators”—folks with one to five years of experience. Each Stage has a distinctive agenda, and connections between the two groups are made at meals and through presentations.

More information about:

2014: ThinkTank8: Big Sky Vision - Grounded Strategy

2012: ThinkTank7: Foundations Now

2011: ThinkTank6: Leading Change

2010: ThinkTank5: Four Minds for the Future

2009: ThinkTank4: Divergence, Convergence, Emergence: Expanding Cross-Disciplinary Creativity

2008: ThinkTank3

2007: ThinkTank2

2006: ThinkTank1