State of Play

State of Play presents practical, innovative assignments that prepare students to learn the technical skills that ground study in art and design by introducing habits of mind that are the foundation for creative inquiry. It is the first Integrative Teaching International publication that developed from ITT’s ThinkTank4 held at the University of Georgia in June 2009.

What is play? Play might be defined as an organized activity that is motivated by pleasure. Sometimes play is competitive. Play is for the most part, essential, serious fun. Play can be very structured with rules and deep strategies, such as those in the game of chess, or more loosely defined and open-ended, as a child might play with blocks, cars, or dolls. In a state of play, teaching and learning flow naturally, opening up opportunities for exploration and experimentation by all participants.

Anthony Fontana, State of Play

S tate of Play   S econd Edition

State of Play
Second Edition

S  tate of Play  First Edition

State of Play
First Edition

Foundations NOW   Volume 3, Issue 1