ThinkTank II Participants Announced

ThinkTank II is a mixture of ThinkTank I attendees and new participants in order to blend last year's experience with emerging content for this year's event. The goal is to focus on Teaching the 3 C's: Critical Theory, Critical Thinking, Critique Strategies through a workshop format.

James Elniski, Foundations Head, Art Institute of Chicago
Mary Stewart, Foundations, Florida State University
Richard Siegesmund, Art Education, University of Georgia/Athens

Dean Adams, Foundations Montana State University
Debra Ambush, AP Institute, Goucher College
John Baldacchino, Art Education, Teachers College
Charlotte Collins, Foundations, Kennesaw State University
John Dimino, Chair/Art, Darton College
Edmund Feldman, Emeritus/Criticism, University of Georgia/Athens
Timothy Flowers, Foundations, Georgia State University
Cheryl Goldsleger, Foundations, Georgia State University
Cynthia Hellyer - Heinz, Foundations, Northern Illinois, University
L A Hightower, Chair/ Art Education, Kennesaw State University
Jodi Kushkins, Graduate Student, Ohio State University
Bruce Little, Art Ed/Foundations, Georgia Southern
David Mcleish, Graduate Student, Florida State University
Martha Macleish, Foundations, Indiana University
Erin Mcintosh, Graduate Student, University of Georgia/Athens
Katherine Mcguire, Graduate Student, University of Georgia/Athens
Melody Milbrandt, Art Education, Georgia State University
Julia Morrisroe, Foundations, University of Florida
Lara Nguyen, Foundaitons, Indiana University
Craig Roland, Art Education, University of Florida
Amy Sacksteder, Foundations, Eastern Michigan University
Renee Sandell, Art Education, George Mason University
Joe Sanders, Director, Florida State University
Rusty Smith, Design Foundation, Auburn University
Peter Winant, Foundations, George Mason University
Carole Henry, Art Education, University of Georgia/Athens
Chris Hocking, Foundations, University of Georgia/Athens
Larry Millard, Graduate Studies, University of Georgia/Athens
Georgia Strange, Director, University of Georgia/Athens
Martijn Van Wagtendonk, Foundations, University of Georgia/Athens
Shannon Wilder, Service Learning, University of Georgia/Athens