Institute for Integrative Teaching Thinktank3 Fellowships

Fifteen $1,000 fellowships will be awarded to support participation by emerging educators and administrators of studio art foundations programs in Thinktank3, to be held at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, June 7-11, 2008.

The fellowship will cover the cost of registration and lodging for Thinktank3 cost ($650.) Additional grant funds may be applied towards travel, food and other expenses associated with attending the conference. Participants are encouraged to seek additional travel funds, as needed, from their home institutions.

The Institute for Integrative Teaching (IIT) is an intensive practice-based educational experience that is designed to improve teaching and learning at the college level through support for art + design educators. Thinktank is a pilot program, designed to develop the curriculum for the Institute and create connections between emerging educators and master teachers. Both are designed to help junior faculty quickly gain great teaching skills, develop professional networks, and better meet NASAD standards.

Who is eligible?
Current MFA candidates, or recent MFA recipients, with at least 1 semester of Foundations teaching experience.
Current Phd or MAT candidates in Art Education, with at least 1 semester of Foundations teaching experience. Your experience may be in a lecture course, and you need some studio background as well.
Design professionals, with at least 1 semester of Foundations teaching experience.
Foundations Coordinators, with at least 2 semesters of Foundations leadership experience.

What is Integrative Teaching?
Thinktank3 is designed for studio artists and educators who are interested in teaching at the college level. Integrative teaching creates connections between your personal creativity and creativity in your teaching.

What are your responsibilities?
Prior to the Thinktank, a list of required readings will be sent to all participants. Participants must attend all Thinktank sessions, and will be required to submit two assignment sheets and one syllabus for the Thinktank Archive.

Why attend?
Thinktank3 is a great opportunity to expand your skills, knowledge, and experience, and puts you in direct contact with higher education experts. Past Thinktanks have attracted studio artists, designers, and art educators from around the country.

Melody Millbrandt
NAEA Higher Education Division Director and Associate Professor of Art Education, Georgia State University

Julia Morrisroe
Foundations Coordinator, University of Florida

Rusty Smith
Chair, First-Year Programs, School of Architecture, Auburn University

Peter Winant
Director of Studio Fundamentals, George Mason University

Download the following two documents for guidelines and submittal forms:

Download IIT_fellowship.pdf

Deadline – December 30, 2007
Notification – March 25, 2008

Download TT3_Form.doc

Download TT3_Form.doc

Download iit_fellowship.pdf