ThinkTank3 Feedback

ThinkTank3, held at the Art Institute of Chicago in June, 2008 was the first ThinkTank that had a "Stage 2" for emerging educators. Below is some post-event commentary:

Think Tank III was an amazing experience and so incredibly helpful. If I could sum it up in one word it would be "Tangible." The entire experience provide me and my peers with tangible, useful, practical, straight forward and comprehensive tools to use in our teaching. What I found most helpful were the small group discussions and the "class room workshops."
Tom Ferrero, MFA, Indiana University

I can't tell you how much TT3 helped me in regards to our program at WVU. I have already called a meeting of our Foundations instructors to discuss and begin implementing things that I picked up while in Chicago. Jason Lee, Assistant Professor, Sculpture Department
Foundations Coordinator, Division of Art, West Virginia University

I took away great insights into what my peers are up to and what's going on in foundations programs around the US.  The experience was invaluable and the time in Chicago was memorable!  I'll look forward to crossing paths with you and the other TT3'rs in the years to come.
Hope Ginsburg, Assistant Professor, Art Foundations
Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts

What you have created with Think Tank is awe inspiring and awesome.  You said one morning in a breakout session that a strong Foundation program will bubble up and influence and create stronger upper division programs--I BELIEVE that Think Tank will bubble up and make stronger art programs across the country.  It makes me feel so excited about the future higher education in the arts, as well as connected to other programs in a meaningful way--thus endowing my deep sense of purpose with even greater depth.   Dawn Hunter, Foundations Coordinator, University of South Carolina

I would like to say what a wonderful experience the whole Chicago think tank was. I left with a changed perception on what a powerful force open sharing and heart full interaction makes. ..The positive feedback and the people I had a chance to meet is inspiring, the amount of positive energy you produced through one weekend I could have never expected.
David McLeish, MFA Candidate, Florida State University

I can't tell you what a fantastic learning experience it has been to partake in the conference. I am walking away so completely inspired and excited to re-visit/re-write/re-work and re-interpret my past syllabi/curriculum and now to finally have the tools and examples to begin to implement those changes!…These few days have deeply impacted my entire sense of myself and my role as both a student and emerging educator--I'm still wrapping my head around all that I have gathered.
Erin Obradovich, MFA candidate
School of the Art Institute of Chicago

I cannot thank you enough for including me in Think Tank 3.  It was such a valuable experience, and I am already including much I learned in my own offerings for k-12 professional development as well as plans for teaching my BFA students in the Fall.
Brooke Hunter-Lombardi, Columbus College of Art & Design
Educator Outreach Coordinator

As an aspiring educator I think that I was also one of the people who benefited the most from interacting with those a step ahead of me as well as the more experienced stage 1 educators. Since this is a new direction for Think Tank, I especially wanted to extend my appreciation and let you know that I think what you are doing is really important.
Magda Gluzek, MFA candidate, University of Florida