October 2010 Educators Showcase - Rae Goodwin

Rae Goodwin's work in performance, photography and sculpture examines aspects of family history as it influences the construction of her identity, as well as gender-based assumptions about freedom, the unknown and nature. Using ironic humor, repetitive methods and suggestive materials, Goodwin challenges her own concepts of identity, family, gender and society and invites viewers to examine their own consciousness through her process.  The work is both inviting and intimidating, brought about by a collision of perceived opposites; intimacy in a public space, solo-hiking with friends, etc.  With the placement, scale and metaphorical nature of her work, she asks the viewer to become more aware of their own body and life. Goodwin received her MFA from Winthrop University and has shown at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, McColl Center for Visual Art and other venues nationally and internationally. She currently serves as Director of Art Foundations at the University of Kentucky.


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Assignment - Portability and Possibility

Create a contained still life where you choose the objects based on a specific color scheme.  Place all of your objects inside of a box and have one light source to create dramatic shading for a variety of value and color intensity.   The choosing of objects can be based on iconography in art history, a metaphoric content from your life and times, or an iconography that you invent for this project.

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Portability and Possibility - Student Work