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Four Minds for the Future: Creative, Constructive, Critical, Connective

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4 Minds for the Future: Edit together or Download for yourself

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Inquiry Based Foundations

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Re:Thinking the "Foundation"
Shifting the Lens


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Focus: Climate, Curriculum, Pedagogy

Buzz: Self Assessment, Organizational Terrain, Proficiencies, Pacing, The "A" Word (Assessment), Accountability vs. Ownership, Rubrics, "Defining the box...", Ownership, Leadership, Followship, Heuristics, Perception, Otherness, Tacit-knowing

Leading Change: Edit together, download, homework

Observing the World: Edit together, download

Design and Social Practice in 21st Century: Edit together, download

Creating Bridges: Edit together, download

Cultural, Conceptual, Historical Frameworks: Overview, notes


Meaning and Experience in the Foundation Studio with Matt King

Visual Narrative with Chris Kienke

State of Play with Anthony Fontana