ThinkTank Catalyst in Atlanta

ThinkTank Catalyst: May 29th- June 1

Atlanta Public Schools will be holding its 2012 Professional Learning Seminar for high school arts teachers and administrators. The theme for this year's seminar is "Igniting the Common Creative Core: Arts Teaching, Learning, and Assessment in the Age of Accountability."

Integrative Teaching International will have several roles in this event. First, Mary Stewart will be delivering a Leadership Keynote address on Tuesday May 29. The next day, Rae Goodwin will join Mary for a morning panel discussion on "Creativity, Education, and Assessment." That afternoon, Rae will be joined by Richard Siegesmund and Clint Samples to lead a ThinkTank Catalyst session for Advance Placement and International Baccalaureate teachers. This ThinkTank Catalyst event continues all day Thursday. ITI wants to thank former ThinkTank participant Raymond Veon, Interim Director of the Office of Fine and Performing Arts, Atlanta Public Schools for providing this opportunity to ITI to share its work with a broad audience.

If you would like to bring Integrative Teaching International to your school district, conference event, or University for a ThinkTank Catalyst - an intensive mini-ThinkTank facilitated pedagogical discussion experience - please contact us at info @