Announcing ThinkTank6!

Leading Change, June 8-12, 2011

Announcing ThinkTank6: Leading Change, June 8-12, 2011

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In Leading Change, Harvard Business School professor John Kotter describes factors that inhibit change and factors that advance change. Combining various readings in innovative leadership with our unique perspectives as artists and designers, we will develop strategies for developing new approaches to teaching and learning at the college level. ThinkTank6 will build on Four Minds for the Future, the topic of ThinkTank5 in 2010.

The Creative Mind embraces risk, synthesizes prior knowledge, and develops new concepts. The Constructive Mind transforms creative possibilities into tangible objects or actions. The Critical Mind discerns strengths and weaknesses among multiple options and determines priorities. The Connective Mind brings all of these possibilities together and provides outreach to the larger community of educators at all levels. 

Objectives for ThinkTank6 include 

To explore uses of divergent, convergent and collaborative thinking as aspects of leadership; 

To explore ways to set priorities and use quantitative and qualitative information to the best advantage;

To explore existing ‘best practices’ in curriculum design and rough draft curricula for a variety of institutional needs;

To strengthen understanding of connections between mission and outcome and between coursework and the larger community.

Anticipated cost of ThinkTank6 plus lodging is $850. Because there are pre-conference readings and post conference writings required, all participants must bring a high level of commitment to ThinkTank. The general application deadline is December 31st, 2010. Three to Five $850 Emerging Educator fellowships will be offered; the deadline for the fellowships is December 31st, 2010.