Foundations NOW

Integrative Teaching International proudly presents the fourth issue of our official journal Future Forward

Foundations NOW, FutureForward Vol. 4 Issue 1
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This issue of FutureForward includes four articles developed by the participants of ThinkTank7. The articles address some of the unique challenges facing contemporary foundations programs The article Connecting the Dots: Inside and Outside the Box focuses on identifying the myriad moving parts of an art program and mapping the connections to provide a cohesive educational experience. Contemporary Learning Communities focuses on methods of building and sustaining learning communities for both students and faculty. Integrative Teaching and Learning: Migration from Today to Tomorrow examines the benefits and hazards of moving toward an integrative model of teaching and learning, and Manifestos and Manifestations examines the productive force of failure as a curricular focus. A number of exemplars including assignments and syllabi are included in this issue.

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