Fall 2009 Newsletter

Integrative Teaching ThinkTank
Fall 2009 Newsletter

Message from President:
It has been four months since ThinkTank4. In that time, Integrative Teaching ThinkTank (ITT) has made tangible progress towards its educational goals and planning.

Most significantly, Anthony Fontana (Vice President for Communications) and Stacy Isenbarger have co-edited a publication, State of Play, with contributions from ThinkTank4 participants including Melanie Lowrance, Anna Kell, Kip Bradley, Michelle Illuminato, Oliver Schemm, Matt King, Danica Oudeans, Anthony Fontana and Chris Kienke. Board Secretary and Treasurer Adam Kallish has done yeoman's work in the design of the publication. State of Play can be downloaded here and will be available via print on demand in the near future.

State of Play came about through the initiative of ThinkTank4 participants. It was not a planned objective of the conference. Instead, it came about through ThinkTank's synergy. It is a great example of how artists seize opportunities and create unexpected outcomes.

Within this newsletter is information on ThinkTank5, scheduled for June 2-6, 2010 at the University of Georgia, in Athens. As ITT and ThinkTank become better known, it becomes easier to get the word out to segments of our core constituency. For example, we have lists of individuals who expressed direct interest in ThinkTank at both the FATE and NAEA 2009 conferences. However, there are important divisions of our consistency that we still need reach. Read more...

Participants Sought For ThinkTank5:

Scheduled for University of Georgia, June 2-6, 2010

ThinkTank is a facilitated discussion and intensive workshop forum that is designed to improve Foundations teaching. We bring together emerging educators, master educators, and administrators from around the country to expand the theory and improve the practice of higher education in the 21st century. We anticipate 90 participants in 2010, and plan to follow up with a 48-page journal, providing sample assignments and describing our results. Read more...


State of Play
State of Play presents practical, innovative assignments that prepare students to learn the technical skills that ground study in art and design by introducing habits of mind that are the foundation for creative inquiry. It is the first Integrative Teaching ThinkTank publication that developed from ITT’s ThinkTank4 held at the University of Georgia in June 2009.

Edited by Anthony Fontana and Stacy Isenbarger. Contributions from Melanie Lowrance, Anna Kell, Kip Bradley, Michelle Illuminato, Oliver Schemm, Matt King, Danica Oudeans, Anthony Fontana and Chris Kienke. Designed by Adam Kallish.

Download it here


  • Mary Stewart is chairing a SECAC panel titled Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century: Form, Content and Context. Scheduled for Saturday, October 24, presenters Brian Evans, Lucy Curzon, and Susan Krause will explore a variety of contemporary teaching strategies. Stewart will conclude the panel with a presentation on the mission, structure, and accomplishments of ThinkTank.
  • Anthony Fontana will present on the FATE panel at SECAC his presentation titled "State of Play: Encouraging a Divergent Approach in Foundations Art Making". The topic will explore the role of playful methodologies in Foundations and showcase the first Integrative Teaching ThinkTank publication "State of Play".
  • Congratulations to Stacy Isenbarger and Anna Kell TT4 Fellowship Winners for landing positions as Visiting Assistant Professors at Eastern Kentucky Universit!
  • Congratulations Charles Westfall, ThinkTank4 Emerging Educator, who recently exhibited a performance at Alfred University, after connecting with Michelle Illuminato, Assistant Professor, at ThinkTank4!

ThinkTank Meetup @SECAC
There will be a ThinkTank meetup at the Southeastern College Art Conference on Friday, October 23rd. If you will be in Mobile, Alabama for the conference and would like to join us for dessert after dinner, please contact or call or text Anthony Fontana at 567-343-1319 or email at anthonymfontana@gmail.com.

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