Getting Ready for ThinkTank

To be best prepared Professor Stewart’s workshop, all emerging educators are asked to read the following.  All of these documents will be posted on the website by May 15.

FATE in Review, Spring 2009. This is the Foundations in Art, Theory and Education journal. The entire publication is of value, and articles by Linda Weintraub, plus a report on ThinkTank by Dan Collins and Mary Stewart are particularly important.
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“The Perfect Brainstorm,” from The Art of Innovation, by Tom Kelley. A lively and informative description of the brainstorming process used by IDEO, as major design firm.
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The Florida State University Teacher’s Manual, providing an overview of Foundations and over 60 sample assignments. Just scan through this one.

State of Play, edited by Anthony Fontana and Stacey Isenbarger. This compilation of exercises and assignmentswas developed by the emerging educators following ThinkTank5.
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Linda Weintraub will be giving a special presentation at TT5. Please visit her website: to find links to her essays, lecture topics and resources that connect to her work.