What is ThinkCatalyst?

ThinkCatalyst events are coordinated and programmed events developed by Integrative Teaching International (ITI) in collaboration with academic institutions, programs, or partner organizations. ThinkCatalyst events are intensive 1-2 day programs where ITI facilitators work alongside educators, administrators, artists, and graduate students (if applicable) to address contemporary and regionally significant issues in art and design higher education.  A ThinkCatalyst promotes and facilitates intense and energetic dialogue, activities, and presentations geared towards innovative practical applications for the classroom and beyond.  ThinkCatalyst is open to all artists, educators and administrators from any experience level.

ITI’s Vice President for Development and Vice President for Programming, in discussion with the host institution, will work to align these elements and create an event with lasting and direct effects.

ThinkCatalysts are a growing component of ITI’s fabric. Typical events include an average of 20-50 individuals, however each event is facilitated based on the needs of the organization. Past partnerships have included FATE (Foundations in Art: Theory and Education); Utah State University; Society for Photographic Education (SPE); Muskegon Community College; and Atlanta Public Schools.

ThinkCatalyst @ FATE

Since 2011, ITI has proudly partnered with FATE (Foundations in Art: Theory and Education) to kick off their biennial conference off with a catalyst event which offers conference goers a platform for collaborative open dialogue targeted at examining issues relevant to the theme.

Other ThinkCatalyst events have included:

This event was coordinated in conjunction with the Southeast Chapter of SPE as a more intimate event focused on generating conversations geared towards contemporary pedagogy practices in photography. It was designed as an alternative compliment to the annual SPE conference. It was set with the beautiful backdrop of Penland.

  • ThinkCatalyst in Partnership with Utah State University (USU).

USU requested ITI to develop programming to help focus conversations with the administration, faculty, and MFA teaching assistants towards re-envisioning the foundations program in the context of the diversity of concentrations and degree options available at USU.

  • ThinkCatalyst in Partnership with Muskegon Community College

This event provided open dialogue between full and part-time faculty from all different academic disciplines focused on the creation of equity in the classroom and fostering self-criticality and student success.

Interested in a Partnership?

The board of ITI would like to thank your program in advance for considering a partnership through a ThinkCatalyst. We look forward to reviewing your proposal. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our board at info@integrativeteachinginternational or reach out to the VP of Programming or Development directly. Please visit our board listing at