ThinkTank II at the University of Georgia, Athens (GA)

Teaching the 3 C's: Critical Theory, Critical Thinking, Critique Strategies
University of Georgia, Athens
May 22-24, 2007

How are undergraduates entering the visual arts major prepared for understanding art as a process of analysis and inquiry? How can graduate students, who frequently are the instructor of record in foundations
courses, be better prepared for teaching linguistic tools for developing and refining visual thinking?

This ThinkTank is focusing on a clear agenda of curriculum modifications that affect the content of both foundations programs and graduate seminars on teaching in visual art toward the preparation of undergraduates who are entering our field, and address the serious need for better training of MFA candidates in strategies for teaching critical theory, critical thinking, and critique in the visual art/design classroom. There are also implications for the preparation of high school art students who wish
to pursue undergraduate study in art, as well as consideration for the teaching of art appreciation to non-art majors. T

• Develop a list of skills, knowledge and experiences undergrads need in the 3 C’s
• Determine which of these skills, knowledge and experiences can best be taught at the foundations level
• Develop list of “best practices” currently in use by teachers
• Articulate a matrix of approaches to practice, that could be the foundation for a course in an introduction to curriculum and pedagogy course for MFA students
• Determine how to best train GTAs in teaching this material

This conference is at capacity, but notes from ThinkTank II will be posted when they are available. For more information, please contact Mary Stewart at