Peer Review of Teaching Project (PRTP)

Faculty in higher education are increasingly asked to document, assess, and make public their teaching practices. Yet even faculty who value and support excellence in teaching have articulated difficulties in capturing the intellectual work of teaching:

How can I show the intellectual work of teaching that takes place inside and outside of my classroom?
How can I systematically investigate, analyze, and document my students’ learning?
How can I communicate this intellectual work to campus or disciplinary conversations?

The Peer Review of Teaching Project (PRTP) provides faculty with a structured and practical model that combines inquiry into the intellectual work of a course, careful investigation of student understanding and performance, and faculty reflection on teaching effectiveness. Begun in 1994, the PRTP has engaged hundreds of faculty members from numerous universities.

Dana Fritz from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln presented educational rubrics at FATE/Milwaukee. You can download her helpful pdfs:

Download PeerReviewfacts.pdf (63.3K)
Download VisLitFacts.pdf (79.2K)

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