Current Exhibitions of Martina Lantin, TT6 Emerging Educator Fellowship recipient

Martina Latin at Brattleboro Museum and Art Center 


"For her site-specific installation at BMAC, ceramic artist Martina Lantin turned her eye to the Union Railroad Station’s decorative period details, which over the years have been fractured and painted over. Focusing on the corridor between the former station’s waiting room and its parcel express area, Lantin chose to create a new passageway befitting a museum.

Working in collaboration with a skateboard ramp designer, she has given us a vaulted ceiling edged by period molding—some original and some a ceramic re-creation—and embellished it with rosettes. Lantin’s remarkable dexterity with clay and mastery of glazes fuse with BMAC’s historic public space, enriching our experience of history, place, and community."

 Martina Latin at Baltimore Clayworks


- an intimate exhibition of altered hand built and thrown functional work.