Connecting the Dots: F.A.T.E. Regional Forum


 The University of West Georgia’s Department of Art will host a F.A.T.E. Regional Forum this fall called Connecting the Dots: Creating an Innovative Foundations Program that Works.  The conference will be held September 23-24, 2011 and the conference registration fee is $35.  All foundations instructors are invited to participate.
Conference Description: 
Many Foundations programs are segmented into various areas (Beginning Art History, 2D and 3D design, Drawing), yet these classes are all interconnected in many ways. Students see Foundations classes as hoops they have to jump through to get to the classes they really want to take. The challenge is how to communicate to them what we already know—that these classes are crucial in laying the foundation for advanced work, and that advanced work will not succeed without dedication to the foundations of art. Foundations courses are not independent islands, but dots that need to be connected.

Our job is to help students connect the dots, quite literally, and to show them the whole picture that emerges once the dots are connected. Encouraging a cross-disciplinary approach to teaching will allow students to “connect the dots” between classes and allow faculty to build synergy between foundation courses.  Dialogue begins Friday evening and concludes Saturday afternoon.


Keynote Address and Artist Talk—Nancy Palmeri, University of Texas-Arlington
Contemporary Art Foundations—Mary Stewart, Florida State University
Drawing Machines—Kariann Fuqua, Colum
bus State University
Vector Self-Portraits/Variations—Angela Horne, Armstrong Atlantic University

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Coordinators: Clint Samples, Stephanie Smith, Casey McGuire, Rebecca Reynolds, Eilis Crean and Erin Dixon