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Integrative Teaching International’s next issue of FutureForward is focusing on technology and teaching technologies. This issue is intended to provide our readers with a sampling of what is being done out there that takes advantage of the unique qualities, characteristics, or opportunities that current technology has to offer. Please interpret this broadly. We all use technology to varying degrees but we don't all take advantage of what it has to offer nor do we always explore its full potential. What successes or failures have you encountered as you integrate technology into your teaching, professional work and/or classroom?

Mathew Kelly will be writing an article discussing how Pinterest can be used to build a research community. The unique quality here being how each person is using a global network of people to aid in their visual research. The article will include the reasons why Pinterest is a valuable resource but also should not be considered a replacement for resources available in the library.

Integrative Teaching International is looking for articles that are roughly 1500-3000 words in length. Please consider the following guidelines if appropriate to your article:

·      One paragraph overview
·      Why is this important or what need did you see for implementing this idea/project
·      How it works or how you implemented it
·      What conclusions/surprises have you encountered.
·      A short 50-60 word bio similar to the one below.

If you are interested in writing an article for this issue, please send a rough draft of your article by July 15th  to Articles will be reviewed by the Editor of FutureForward, Vice President for Publications and associate VPs. ITI is looking to publish this next issue of FutureForward by November 1st. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact: Mathew Kelly at

Sample bios:
Doug Post is an Assistant Professor in the School of Media, Culture and Design at Woodbury University where he teaches Foundation and Animation courses. Prior to teaching, he enjoyed careers in graphic design and animation. Doug is credited on a number of animated films and continues to freelance and paint.


March 2013 Educators Showcase: Stacy Isenbarger


Stacy Isenbarger’s artworks incite viewers through interplay between media, space, and cultural signifiers. Her work simultaneously investigates ideas and materials, transforming the familiar in thought provoking ways. Her culturally charged works challenge our assumptions of our environment and the social barriers we build for ourselves.  She has exhibited throughout the United States and in India. This past December, Stacy attended the Sowing Seeds Artist Residency awarded by the Kaman Art Foundation in Jetpur Village, Rajasthan, India.

Stacy Isenbarger is the Foundations Coordinator and Assistant Professor of Sculpture in the Department of Art + Design at University of Idaho in Moscow, ID. Stacy received her MFA in Sculpture from the Lamar Dodd School of Art at the University of Georgia in 2009 and her BFA at Clemson University in 2005.  She received an Emerging Educator Fellowship from ITI for ThinkTank4 and from this experience, created the publication State of Play with Anthony Fontana of Bowling Green State University.  She continues to seek ways to innovate and share foundations pedagogies to strengthen a more dynamic, connective community. Stacy served as the VP of Outreach for Integrative Teaching International in 2011-12 and currently serves on FATE’s Board as the representative for SECAC. 


Stacy Isenbarger Portfolio

THIS rock in wait, detail,
found image, concrete, graphite, paint, yellow and gold string, & rock, 8” x 15”,








Creature Comforts (Canary Marys), installation view,
wood, steel, plaster, concrete, stone, fabric, & tool dip,


from the Her (Becoming) series,
stitched drawings on found images, 2012.
from left to right: #8: 6.5” x 9.75”, #4: 5.5” x 8.5”, #3: 6” x 8.5”

Assignment - Gestures Extensions       

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Gestures Extensions - Student Examples





January 2013 Educators Showcase: Lily Kuonen


Lily Kuonen is Assistant Professor of Foundations at Jacksonville University in FL. She received her MFA in painting from Savannah College of Art and Design. She has had solo exhibitions at the Historic Arkansas Museum, Fahm Gallery in Savannah, GA and recently at Bogard Storefront in Charleston, SC. Her works have been included in exhibitions at The Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens in Jacksonville, FL; the Herman Maril Gallery at University of Maryland; Fuller Projects at Indiana University; Florida Mining Gallery, Jacksonville, FL; Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art, Charleston, SC; SCAD Gallery, Hong Kong; and Mason Murer Fine Art, Atlanta, GA. She received an Emerging Educator Fellowship from ITI for ThinkTank 7. Recently, her work was selected for 26 digital billboards across the city of Jacksonville for the month of September as the Featured Artist for the Highway Gallery, a partnership between Florida Mining Gallery and Clear Channel.


Lily Kuonen Portfolio

Two Gather, 2012
Acrylic, canvas threads, and canvases
72 x 20 x 14”















Canvases, ratchet straps, florescent lights, and pressure
18 x 18 x 18” with variable installation height


Portray, 2012
Acrylic on mirrors with canvases
Dimensions variable

Assignment - Drawing Pen Pals

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Drawing Pen Pals - Student Examples





November 2012 Educators Showcase: Joelle Dietrick

Joelle Dietrick’s paintings, drawings, and animations explore contemporary nesting instincts and their manipulation by global economic systems. Her recent artworks and research considers housing trends that complicate relationships to place. Her work has been shown at Transitio_MX in Mexico City, TINA B Festival in Prague and Venice, Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) Chicago, MCA San Diego, Long March Space Beijing, ARC Gallery Chicago, Soho20 New York, and MPG Contemporary Boston. She has attended residencies at the Künstlerhaus Salzburg, Anderson Ranch, the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Banff Centre for the Arts, and the School of the Visual Arts and received fellowships from the University of California, Florida State University and the Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD).

Joelle Dietrick Portfolio

Packet Switching (Kassel), 2012, Keimfarben on wall, 40 x 9 ft

Sherwin's Wall Chelsea

Teaching with Technology - TT@MACAA

Technology and Teaching
Oct. 3, 2012,  Westin Hotel, Detroit, MI
Mid-American College Art Association Conference

This year MACAA Conference attendees in Detroit were invited to participate in a pre-conference workshop called Teaching with Technology; a four-hour intensive ThinkTank experience covering Active Learning Principles using technology in the classroom. The workshop, co-sponsored by Oakland University and Integrative Teaching International, was facilitated by ITI President and Learning Technologist, Anthony Fontana, and by ThinkTank veteran, Michael Arrigo, Associate Professor of Art at Bowling Green State University.  

Anthony Fontana opened the event with Teaching and Technology: Active Learning in the Classroom. This overview introduced participants to the principles of Active Learning, specifically addressing ways to put these principles into practice by familiarizing participants with some of the latest mobile technologies and applications. Following this introduction the participants split into two smaller working groups to discuss and debate the hurdles and advantages of integrating technology into studio and lecture classes. The groups were asked to consider some of the broader implications of technology for teaching studio art and design, and to explore practical applications of digital technology to enhance student research, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity.

The discussions in the working groups proved to be lively and wide-ranging. Fontana’s group tackled the perils and promise of online teaching and considered the power of digital learning communities to press learning beyond the classroom to engage ever widening circles of collaborators. Arrigo’s breakout session began their discussions narrowly focused on the merits of the iPad as a consumption or production tool in foundations classrooms, but quickly moved to identify broad pedagogic considerations of the ways that technology empowers students and can provide layered opportunities to enrich analog and multi-modal experiences.

While definitive, unanimous conclusions were few, the ThinkTank workshop was productive in that it broadened participants’ perspectives and deepened their understanding of the issues at stake. The workshop wrap-up produced a set of questions and prompts that participants could take back to their own institutions to help them engage their colleagues in fruitful discussions as they seek to implement cohesive strategies for integrating technology into their curricula in ways that enhance their institutional mission and prepare their students for the future.

Michael Arrigo
Associate Professor
First Year Program Coordinator
Bowling Green State University

Foundations NOW

Integrative Teaching International proudly presents the fourth issue of our official journal Future Forward

Foundations NOW, FutureForward Vol. 4 Issue 1
Click to Download (PDF)

This issue of FutureForward includes four articles developed by the participants of ThinkTank7. The articles address some of the unique challenges facing contemporary foundations programs The article Connecting the Dots: Inside and Outside the Box focuses on identifying the myriad moving parts of an art program and mapping the connections to provide a cohesive educational experience. Contemporary Learning Communities focuses on methods of building and sustaining learning communities for both students and faculty. Integrative Teaching and Learning: Migration from Today to Tomorrow examines the benefits and hazards of moving toward an integrative model of teaching and learning, and Manifestos and Manifestations examines the productive force of failure as a curricular focus. A number of exemplars including assignments and syllabi are included in this issue.

Please forward this journal to any colleagues whom you think will find the information useful.

ThinkTank Catalyst in Atlanta

ThinkTank Catalyst: May 29th- June 1

Atlanta Public Schools will be holding its 2012 Professional Learning Seminar for high school arts teachers and administrators. The theme for this year's seminar is "Igniting the Common Creative Core: Arts Teaching, Learning, and Assessment in the Age of Accountability."

Integrative Teaching International will have several roles in this event. First, Mary Stewart will be delivering a Leadership Keynote address on Tuesday May 29. The next day, Rae Goodwin will join Mary for a morning panel discussion on "Creativity, Education, and Assessment." That afternoon, Rae will be joined by Richard Siegesmund and Clint Samples to lead a ThinkTank Catalyst session for Advance Placement and International Baccalaureate teachers. This ThinkTank Catalyst event continues all day Thursday. ITI wants to thank former ThinkTank participant Raymond Veon, Interim Director of the Office of Fine and Performing Arts, Atlanta Public Schools for providing this opportunity to ITI to share its work with a broad audience.

If you would like to bring Integrative Teaching International to your school district, conference event, or University for a ThinkTank Catalyst - an intensive mini-ThinkTank facilitated pedagogical discussion experience - please contact us at info @  

Leading Change, Future Forward

Integrative Teaching International proudly presents the third issue of our official journal Future Forward:

Leading Change, Future Forward Vol. 2 Iss. 1

Click to Download (PDF) 

Click here to read online

This issue of Future Forward includes three articles developed by the participants of Think Tank 6. The article Learning Partnerships: Distributive Leadership in the Foundations Classroom focuses on "...the interactions of people with each other and their situation rather than on actions taken by administrators".The article Seeking Connections: Building a Community of Inquiry focuses on identifying "educational models, process and environments that help to develop and engage student leadership". The article Transformative Leadership focuses on identifying "organic methods of engaging, inspiring, and connecting to the fundamental motivators that drive continual growth in academic programs". Ten sample assignments are included in support of these articles. 

Please forward this journal to any colleagues whom you think will find the information useful.

Exhibition Featuring ITI's Rae Goodwin


Artists Petra Carroll and Rae Goodwin's collaborative and individual works explore remembrances through a variety of media and processes to draw the viewer into a shifting experience of time and memory. This exhibiton is free and open to the public.  

Opening reception for the artists and the Lexington Gallery Hop, Friday, Feb. 17, 5-8 p.m. Please note the gallery is closed the week of March 12 due to Spring Break.

ART TALK I Thursday, March 8,12:15 p.m. - 1:30 pm., Morlan Gallery
Carroll and Goodwin discuss the conceptual and technical developments of their work, as well as the advantages and challenges of working collaboratively.


February 2012 Educators Showcase: Thomas Albrecht

Thomas Albrecht’s projects include wall drawings that record passages of time through accumulations of mark; paintings that negotiate the remnants of human agency without picturing actual figures; and performances on city sidewalks that explore ritual and language in public spaces. His most recent work has focused on durational performances where the passage of time and physical demands on the body form the content of the projects. He has exhibited throughout the United States and in Europe. In addition, he has initiated unscheduled interventions on sidewalks in major urban centers in the United States; his interactions with local police have been few. He is an assistant professor of art at the State University of New York at New Paltz, where he serves as coordinator for first-year studies. He has lectured on topics ranging from teaching pedagogy, ritual and performance, and contemporary visual practices in venues such as the School of Visual Arts, FATE, the College Art Association, and the International Society for Religion, Literature and Culture. He received his BFA from Rhode Island School of Design, a Master of Arts in Religion at Yale, and his MFA from the University of Washington in Seattle.

Thomas Albrecht Portfolio

Washing One's Hands of It, digital image of performance, 2011

News/Print, digital image of performance, 2010

Believe Don't (New York), digital image of performance, 2010

Thomas Albrecht Website


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Metamorphosis Student Examples

Every student drawing measures 22" x 30" and is done in charcoal. Click on individual image to view larger size.

TT6 participant Donald Morgan: Headquarters Exhibition

Reception: There will be a reception for the artist on Thursday, December 15, 2011, from 6 – 8 pm

For HEADQUARTERS, Donald Morgan's first solo show in NYC, the window front cubicles at Gridspace are transformed into a site specific façade of faux shattered window panes. Utilizing hand cut shards of mirrored plexi and silk screened images, the piece is characterized by the sharp “real time” immediacy inherent in the mirrored surfaces in contrast with the flat-footed yet almost spectral silk screens. The icons of the piece, ie, the shattered “glass”, a stylized spider’s web, a distorted peace sign and a house cat paused while peering out at the viewer, all function together to reference different moments or processes. For instance, the slow construction of a web, the quick action of breaking a window and the resulting instant creation of dark, interior negative space, the fact of the peace sign’s loaded yet nebulous historical context and the photographically arrested gaze of the cat which then momentarily fixes our gaze. The resulting effect is characterized by a deliberate and off-kilter sense of different kinds of time unfolding concurrently.

Donald Morgan’s work is invested in re-presenting and re-fashioning a lexicon of forms and icons which vary widely in source, from northwest forest imagery to the artifacts of specific cultural practices. Combining modernist tropes with an often regionalist visual vernacular, his work conveys an open-ended narrative sense as well as a sort of pleasurable visual dissonance, as if something familiar has been rendered into the relatively unfamiliar. His paintings and sculptures function as unique combinations of materials and signs that strive to produce novel and complex experiences for the viewer.

The Non-I Projects the I Exhibition: Featuring work by Meg Mitchell, TT5 Participant

The Non-I Protects the I

January 3 – January 28, 2012
Opening Reception: Thursday January 5th, 6-8pm

Soho20 Gallery, Chelsea, NY

The Non-I Protects the I is a three-person exhibition with the work of Joelle Dietrick, Meg Mitchell, and Judy Rushin. Taken from Gaston Bachelard’s The Poetics of Space, the title focuses on Bachelard’s ideas about the importance of shelter. All three artists consider shelter—Dietrick focuses on domestic space; Mitchell explores language as structure; and Rushinplayfully reconfigures working class materials. With the housing crisis ever present in the minds of most Americans, these artists consider the importance of developing one’s own corner of the universe. Each proposed artwork reflects shifting attitudes towards necessity and finds grace in systems, even in moments of system failures.

November 2011 Educators Showcase: Michelle Illuminato

Michelle Illuminato is the recipient of many awards and grants, among them the Key to the City of Aliquippa and Best Event in Pennsylvania. She has been featured on CBS Radio Network’s The Osgood Files. She has exhibited nationally and internationally and recently completed residencies at AreaOdeon in Monza, Italy and the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, France.

Artist Statement

I am interested in creating artworks that reveal the complicated and often contradictory relationship between people, their culture and the land they live on.

These artworks, which range in format and material, seek to open dialogue by pursuing the collection and presentation of multiple viewpoints. Sometimes I may invite people to share their ideas and experiences through interviews, public interactions or installations. Other times, I use sculpture, sound and photography to collect or frame the subject matter. My work is presented in galleries, public spaces, books and online blogs.

Over the years I have explored how women and girls experience public space, have asked people from the Finger Lakes to literally get on a soapbox to talk to their neighbors, and have asked residents of Belgrade to create a new guide to their city. I’ve organized cook-off’s that feature local foraged foods, created audio tours of people’s personal landmarks, and explored local collections that shed light on communities. From all of these interactions, I’ve learned that people speak about their lives in ways that are striking, often poetic, and when placed next to the words of their neighbors, provide a new map to understanding a specific people and place.

 Illuminato Blog

Michelle Illuminato Portfolio

Ruralscape Blog: 2010, Ongoing. Screen shot from Ruralscape Tumblr

Ruralscape (ongoing) investigates the everyday culture of rural life. Over the course of this year, invited artists and locals are exploring rural Allegany County New York, via guided tours and discussions that Illuminato is organizing. Their works inspired by these experiences, as well as my own, will form the core of a publication and exhibition.


The People’s Guide to Allegany County: 2009, Interactive Installation

This project invites viewers to participate in creating a new guidebook for Allegany County. Unlike traditional guidebooks, which usually have an authoritative singular voice, this guide will be authored by a large number of residents and visitors and will reflect a personal view of the—land, its people and history. Through exhibitions and workshops participants will have the opportunity to contribute their special places, thoughts, memories and information about Allegany County by drawing guide pages and posting them.


GUIDE/VODIC, 2006 (Michelle Illuminato and Emily Blair) Next Question + Kim Beck, Kontekst Galerija, Belgrade Serbia

With the idea of moving beyond traditional guidebooks, we invited locals to create guidebook pages illustrating their personal
landmarks and experiences in the city. Gallery visitors then constructed their own guidebooks from the photocopied pages that hung on the
walls, ordering them, and binding them into covers designed by the artists.




Assignment:  The Line Project

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The Line Project Blog Site